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The Port,
The Beast and The Traveller

This large scale site-specific work is based on stories collected from local people in Newhaven about the Dieppe raid of 1942.ᅠ

The script wove these stories into a magical tale of a lost soldier who finally returns home after 70 years to his still-waiting wife Penelope, and involved local choirs, schools, older dancers, a brass band and a bugler.


Audiences were taken on a journey around Newhaven Fort, through torch-lit tunnels, culminating in the finale atop the Fort, looking out over the town and sea.

Performed by a professional cast, with 60 local dancers, singers and performers.


A co–production between Inroads and Zap Art.


Directed by Claire Raftery

Designed by Jane Bruce

Original music by Susan Moate

All photographs © Ray Gibson

Performed by Peter Faulkner, Cheryl Jones,
Olly Harrison, Charles Allen, Kitty Newbury,
Kay Wetheril

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