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Our Dancing Feet

Following the story of a group of friends on a night out just before the coronation in 1953,
the play draws on memories of local people and explores this fascinating time of great change. Our Dancing Feet incorporates live music and dance, and is performed by a professional cast along with local dancers
aged 13 - 78.


Co-produced by Sara Clifford for Inroads and Veronica Stephens for Zap Art, performances took place at the Oceana nightclub in Brighton 2013, and at the Eastbourne Winter Garden itself in 2014.


Our Dancing Feet (true, and not so true, tales from the dancefloor) was conceived and written by Sara Clifford, about the Regent Ballroom in Brighton and the Winter Garden in Eastbourne.


Supported by Arts Council England


Directed by Terry O’Donovan

Designed by Lucy Bradridge

Choreography by Dorothy Max-Prior

Danced and performed by Matthew Blacklock, Anna Symes and Marion Duggan (Ragroof Players), Charlotte Dubery and Jean Trend

Commissioned video projection by Shared Space and Light, shown on the roof of Boots, site of the demolished Regent Ballroom

Sound installations by Thor McBurnie

All photographs © Ray Gibson

‘The staging was perfect; the dresses and dancing were divine and the sound and projections magical. I hope it can live on
beyond these performances.’

Donna Close, Head of Arts,
Brighton and Hove City Council


‘I enjoyed its fluidity, the engagement of such
a wonderful era and story.’

Audience member

Great story, very talented cast.
A fabulous show.’

Audience member


‘I learnt about the culture of the day…
the excitement, the anxieties – things we don’t worry about any more, like asking the boys to dance (we wouldn’t get any dancing otherwise!).’

Audience member

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