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Two Pairs of Eyes


Two Pairs of Eyes is one of the recipients of £30,000 seed funding for the development of four new theatre projects in the South East, focusing on original and unlikely alliances between theatre makers and communities.

Thomas Carlyle said - No ghost was ever seen by two pairs of eyes…

None of us believe in ghosts, of course.  But everyone down the pub has a story:  we all know and tell ghost stories and delight in them – even as we scoff at them. And 40 % of the population do, actually, believe in them.

After all, don’t we secretly enjoy those spine tingling moments – and maybe, in the end, some things just can’t be explained?

Two Pairs of Eyes, based on ghost stories from Newhaven and the surrounding areas, will begin in Summer 2020  by gathering your stories and interviews with a view to a community theatre show for 2021, performed with a mixed professional/ community cast, with plans to visit other communities at later dates.